Fingernail Anatomy

Sunday, October 30th 2016. | Human Diagram
structure fingernail Fingernail Anatomy

structure fingernail

Fingernail Anatomy – Finger is one of equipment of human motions. The finger consists of some stretches bones and covered with muscular. Than as a tool movement, the human finger is also as a means of communication to people with disabilities. Human finger consists of five pieces, the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger.

Keratin layer is the major building blocks of the nail. Nails are composed of several main parts, including:

Nail structure, nail root, nail plate, nail flod, nail bed, cuticle, linula and etc. To see complete about fingernail anatomy, you can see diagram below.

fingernail anatomy structure Fingernail Anatomy

fingernail anatomy structure

fingernail diagram Fingernail Anatomy

fingernail diagram

nail anatomy diagram Fingernail Anatomy

nail anatomy diagram

simple nail anatomy diagram Fingernail Anatomy

simple nail anatomy diagram

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